Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Honda scoopy-i 2012 Thailand information and price

   AP Honda luanch all new Scoopy-i 2012 in Thailand on May 7, 2012

New Scoopy-i 2012 come with the projector headlight, build-in front and rear turn signal lamps, new design chronograph speedometer, 15.4 litres U-box with easy seat opener switch, Safety side stand switch and brake lock lever.

2012 Honda Scoopy-i divided in to 3 versions
1. Scoopy i Active Boy - Devil Troops
     colours: white-red, blue-white and black-red
2. Scoopy i Vivid Me - Chic Army
     colours: blue-pink, pink-black, pink-white and blue-white
3. Scoopy i Prestige Guy - Cool Commander    
     colours: black-gray, white-gray and red-gray

Retail price start from 45,000 baht.

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